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How to get to Amsterdam Centraal train station

The Amsterdam Centraal train station is easily accessible by train from various cities within the Netherlands and major European destinations. If you’re coming from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, you can take a direct train to Amsterdam Centraal, making it a convenient option for travelers.

Transportation to and from Amsterdam Centraal 

Trains departing from Amsterdam Centraal station provide excellent connectivity to other Dutch cities and neighboring countries.The station also serves as a major hub for trams, buses, taxis, and ferries, ensuring efficient transportation within the city and its surrounding areas.

Amsterdam Centraal to city center

Amsterdam Centraal is situated in the heart of the city, making it a short walk to the vibrant city center. You can also use trams and buses departing from the station to reach various city center locations quickly and easily.

Metro / Subway at Amsterdam Centraal 

The Amsterdam Metro system includes lines connecting to Amsterdam Centraal, providing efficient underground transportation within the city. Metro lines offer a quick and reliable way to reach various parts of Amsterdam from the central station.

Tram Amsterdam Central Station

Trams departing from Amsterdam Centraal station offer a convenient way to explore the city, with numerous lines covering different neighborhoods and attractions. Hop on a tram at the station to reach popular spots like the Rijksmuseum, Anne Frank House, and Dam Square

Bus Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Centraal station is a major hub for city buses, allowing you to easily access different parts of Amsterdam and its suburbs. Buses provide additional flexibility for your city travel needs.

Taxi and Private Transfers

In addition to regular taxis, private transfer services are available for travelers seeking a personalized and comfortable transportation experience. Private transfers can be pre-arranged for a seamless journey to your destination of choice.

Ferry Amsterdam Central Station

Amsterdam Centraal station is a hub for ferry services, offering scenic water transportation across the city’s canals and the IJ River. Ferries are a unique way to explore Amsterdam and provide stunning views of the city.

Bike rentals Amsterdam Train Station

Amsterdam is known for its bike-friendly culture, and you can easily rent bicycles near Amsterdam Centraal station to explore the city like a local. Bike rentals offer a healthy and eco-friendly means of getting around Amsterdam.

Car rentals Amsterdam Centraal

If you plan to explore the Netherlands beyond Amsterdam, car rental services are available at or near Amsterdam Central station. Renting a car provides the freedom to venture into the Dutch countryside and visit places not easily accessible by public transport.


Most frequently asked questions about Amsterdam Centraal Station.

What is the cheapest way to travel in Amsterdam?

The most cost-effective way to travel in Amsterdam is by taking advantage of the city’s excellent public transportation system, which includes trams and buses. The OV-chipkaart, a reusable smart card, allows you to pay for individual rides and offers significant savings compared to single tickets. Alternatively, renting a bicycle is a budget-friendly and quintessentially Dutch way to explore the city, given the extensive network of cycling paths.

What is the cheapest way to get from Amsterdam Airport to the city?

The cheapest way to get from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to the city center of Amsterdam is by taking the train. Schiphol Airport has a train station located directly underneath the airport, and there are frequent train services that connect the airport to Amsterdam Centraal Station, which is right in the heart of the city. The train journey is relatively quick, taking about 15-20 minutes, and it’s cost-effective. A one-way train ticket from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Centraal Station cost approximately €5.50