Amsterdam Centraal Tickets

How to purchase tickets in Amsterdam Central Station

Train Tickets at Amsterdam Centraal station

You can purchase train tickets from self-service ticket machines available at the station, which support multiple languages and payment methods. Tickets can also be purchased online or at service desks. Domestic train tickets are usually not tied to a specific time or train, but to a date. For international travel, you’ll often need to purchase a ticket for a specific train.


For regular travel on public transport (trams, buses, metros, and even trains) within the Netherlands, it’s recommended to purchase an OV-chipkaart. This contactless card can be loaded with credit and is used by simply checking in and out at the beginning and end of your journey. There are two main types: anonymous and personal. The anonymous card can be used by multiple people (though not at the same time) while the personal card is just for one person and can have subscriptions loaded onto it.

Day Tickets and Passes in Amsterdam

For tourists or those who intend to use public transportation frequently over a short period, there are various day passes available. The GVB day ticket allows for unlimited travel on all GVB lines (trams, buses, metros and ferries) for the duration of the ticket. The Amsterdam Travel Ticket and Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket also include travel to/from Schiphol Airport and other locations in the region.

Discount and Group Tickets

There are also various discounts available, such as off-peak discount passes, group tickets, and discounts for children and seniors. The availability of these depends on the mode of transport and specific route.

Single Use Tickets

If you’re just planning on making a few journeys, you can buy a single-use, disposable ticket, which comes in 1-hour and 1.5-hour versions. These tickets can be purchased directly from the driver or conductor on board a tram or bus, or from GVB ticket vending machines at Metro stations.

Night Buses in Amsterdam

Night buses require a separate GVB night bus ticket, which you can buy on the bus itself. If you have a day or multi-day ticket, you will still need to buy a separate night bus ticket.


Discounts are available for children (4-11 years) and seniors (65+ years). Children under 4 travel free

I Amsterdam City Card

If you’re planning to do a lot of sightseeing, this card offers unlimited use of GVB public transport, free entrance to many museums, a free canal cruise, and various other discounts and benefits


Most frequently asked questions about Amsterdam Centraal Station.

Can I buy train tickets at Amsterdam station?

Yes, you can buy train tickets at Amsterdam Centraal Station. The station has ticket counters where you can purchase tickets in person, as well as self-service ticket machines that offer a convenient way to buy tickets for train journeys. These ticket machines accept cash, debit cards, and credit cards.

How much are Amsterdam train tickets?

The cost of Amsterdam train tickets varies based on factors like the distance traveled and the type of ticket. For a single journey within the city or nearby areas, prices typically range from €2.50 to €5.50. Day passes, offering unlimited travel within a specific region, may cost between €14 and €19. Discounts are available for children, seniors, and those with special cards like the “OV-chipkaart.” International travel to other cities or countries will have its own pricing structure.