Amsterdam Centraal terminals

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Domestic Train Terminals at Amsterdam Centraal

These platforms service the domestic train routes in the Netherlands. Most of these trains are run by the Netherlands’ primary train operator, Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS)

International Train Terminals at Amsterdam Centraal station

This is where trains such as the Eurostar and Thalys depart and arrive, offering direct links to places like London, Paris, and Brussels.

Metro Station at Amsterdam Centraal

Underneath the central station, there is a metro station, serving four lines of the Amsterdam Metro: the 51, 53, 54, and the new North-South line 52.

Bus Station at Amsterdam Centraal

Amsterdam Centraal has two bus stations, one on the IJ side and one on the city side, serving both city lines (GVB buses) and regional lines (EBS and Connexxion).

Tram Terminals at Amsterdam Centraal

Numerous tram lines begin and end at Amsterdam Centraal, operated by Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf (GVB), the public transport operator for the city.

Ferry Terminals at Amsterdam Centraal

Located on the IJ side of the station, free ferries carry pedestrians and cyclists across the IJ to Amsterdam North (Amsterdam-Noord). Ferries run day and night, with less frequency in the late hours. You don’t need a ticket to use the ferries


Most frequently asked questions about Amsterdam Centraal Station.

What platform at Amsterdam Centraal goes to airport?

To travel from Amsterdam Centraal Station to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, you can take a train from the station. The platform for the train to the airport typically depends on the specific train service you choose, and it can vary. There are direct train services to the airport, and these trains depart from various platforms within Amsterdam Centraal Station.

How many platforms does Amsterdam Centraal have?

Amsterdam Centraal Station has 15 platforms.