Trains from Amsterdam to Berlin

How to get from Amsterdam to Berlin by train

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Traveling from Amsterdam to Berlin by train is a relatively straightforward process, with direct services operated by Deutsche Bahn (DB), the German national railway company.

From Amsterdam to Berlin with Deutsche Bahn (DB)

DB operates the Intercity Express trains that run directly from Amsterdam Centraal to Berlin Hauptbahnhof (main station). The journey usually takes around 6 to 6.5 hours. ICE trains are high-speed and provide amenities like comfortable seating, dining cars, power outlets, and Wi-Fi.

Amsterdam to Berlin with Intercity and Regional Trains

While the ICE is the most direct route, it’s also possible to reach Berlin by taking a series of local trains, typically involving one or two changes. However, this would take significantly longer than the direct ICE service.

Tickets can be purchased online through the Deutsche Bahn website or other train ticket booking platforms. Prices vary depending on how far in advance you book and the time of day and week of travel. As with most train services, booking as far in advance as possible generally secures the best prices.

Ensure you have your ticket before boarding the train.