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Trains from Amsterdam Centraal to Paris 

Experience a seamless international journey from Amsterdam Centraal to the heart of Paris. High-speed Thalys and Eurostar trains offer a swift and scenic connection, making it easy to explore the romance and charm of the French capital.

Trains from Amsterdam Centraal to London 

 Hop on board the Eurostar train at Amsterdam Centraal for a direct route to London’s city center. This comfortable and efficient service links two of Europe’s major metropolises, providing a convenient way to cross the English Channel.

Trains from Amsterdam Centraal to Brussels 

Traveling from Amsterdam Centraal to Brussels is a breeze with frequent Thalys and InterCity trains. Explore the Belgian capital’s cultural delights and EU institutions with this accessible and time-efficient route.

Trains from Amsterdam Centraal to Berlin

Embark on a scenic journey from Amsterdam Centraal to Berlin via comfortable InterCityExpress (ICE) trains. This route offers a captivating ride through the German countryside and delivers you to the vibrant heart of the German capital.

Trains from Amsterdam Centraal to Copenhagen

Connect Amsterdam Centraal to the Danish charm of Copenhagen with a combination of train rides. Enjoy the diverse landscapes of the Netherlands and Germany before reaching your final destination in the Danish capital.

Trains from Amsterdam Centraal to Rotterdam

Effortlessly commute from Amsterdam Centraal to Rotterdam, a Dutch hub of modern architecture and commerce. Frequent trains provide a swift and efficient link between these two dynamic cities.

Trains from Amsterdam Centraal to The Hague

Discover the political and cultural treasures of The Hague by taking a convenient train journey from Amsterdam Centraal. Frequent intercity and sprinter trains make this a straightforward and cost-effective option for a day trip or an extended stay.


Most frequently asked questions about Amsterdam Centraal Station.

 What countries can I go to from Amsterdam by train?

You can easily access countries like Belgium, with cities such as Brussels and Antwerp just a train ride away. Germany offers a multitude of destinations, from the bustling streets of Berlin to the cultural richness of Cologne and beyond. France beckons with the romantic charm of Paris, and the United Kingdom is within reach via the Eurostar train, connecting you to London. In addition, the Dutch rail network is well-connected to Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, and the Czech Republic, among others. Train travel from Amsterdam not only provides convenience but also offers a scenic and eco-friendly way to explore the diverse cultures and landscapes of Europe.